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Originally Posted by B.Collins ➡️
I would seriously compare the conversion and hp amps before making that decision.
While being an RME-driver fanboy for ages, the Motu´s ESS9026 sounds better than "any" RME interface or dac, imo (Adi-2 pro included).

I pray RME will someday do the step towards ESS as well...
Spicy hot, terrible take which is not substantiated by science in any way, shape, or form. You like the sound of 20dB extra noise and distortion I guess?

can all the geniuses who think they have magic ears just reply to this post so I can block you all and never have to read your posts ever again? thanks

Fireface UFX+ TB, rating: 8.83
Fireface UFX+ USB, rating: 8.48
They seriously sum up all the RTL latencies then turn that into a score? The thread isn't even searchable. Completely and utterly worthless. The ACTUAL RTL latencies, at 128 samples: thunderbolt, 3.424 in, 3.492 out. USB, 3.288 in, 4.24 out. Rather insignificant.