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Originally Posted by cooker ➡️
Might be my fav. reverb

Great to see this version as the original is a bit intimidating and most miss its potential cause of that.

While like most engineers I have more than one go-to reverbs but the relab lx480 is kind of special for me. The way I see it, rather than vintage vibes I like the added sweetness of it (has internal clipping) among the high-quality reverberation.

The only downside is can be intimidating to some cause the GUI replicates the hardware so learning it may take a while. But this essential version seems like to jump in and have a good starting point.
Thanks - and this is a great point about why Essentials was developed in the first place. For those that know the LX480 - fast and easy workflow in a creative flow. For those that don't know the 480 - no risk of going down a "rabbit hole" of the endless (but powerful) parameters of the original. Give a chance to get to know and love the sound - and if you feel you need the 1 to 1 workflow, then you move on to "Complete." Hope you enjoy it!! Thanks!