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Originally Posted by dublave ➡️
My understanding is that it’s a scaled back version of the full plugin? In any event I picked it up for $35 a couple of weeks ago and found it to be more than enough for me. I think it sounds great. It’s been getting a lot of use since. But I agree. I already have so many amazing reverb plugins that I’d likely never spend more than $50 on a new one unless it exhibited some new mind blowing technology we’ve yet to see in plugin world.

This was $35 well spent!
Yes - scaled back only in feature set. Four of the most popular LX480 sounds - with essential parameters - so things like Shape, Spread, Modulation etc - are locked. It's great for fast workflows, producing, writing and of course final mixes. Those that prefer a deeper, more 1 to 1 480 style experience - tend to go for "Complete" - Both are the exact same audio engine and quality.