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Originally Posted by clearwave ➡️
I like this. I understand this. I have the V1 SSL plugs and they're really good and maybe underrated. I think the price is good. It looks cool. It has a VU meter. I kinda want it.


It's just a mouse.
This is amazing and something I have actually wanted! Back in the day you used one console to mix...when I started recording in the 80's and 90's, I would record in with color stuff (Neve, D.W. Fearn, Focusrite Red, etc.) to tape and then mix with a console or as time progressed Pro Tools and master it to 2-track tape. I think it helps glue a mix together when you mix with one console. SSL is great for this.

It would be nice if it works with other plugins, but just having the quickness of an SSL layout in front of you would be fantastic.

I too share the same questions as someone else - how well it works within Pro Tools and whether or not there is some sort of upgrade path for people who already own the essentials bundle. Perhaps those people could either be eligible for a rebate or two other SSL plugins for free?

Exciting SSL - great job!