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I've completed the purchase, build and ear testing of a 99% PERFECT MIRROR to my mastering rig for Access Analog.

From DA to the chain to AD and all the custom cables, ear selected NOS tubes, etc. Same chain. This will be avail to rent in 6 months or so.

Never before have you had the opportunity to use a high end mastering chain, and my chain is EXTREMELY musical and powerful in all genres and all sub groups.

My chain has been used on all of my records and is great for 2 mix and masters obviously. YET ALSO ... killer rig for vocal buss, bass, drums, guitars, etc. It's a very powerful rig on any source, very easy to use.

And you will not only have the chain, you have full recall ... something I have never enjoyed. And user defined sample rates from 44.1 to 96k

I will also be teaching mastering privately (I use my rig and you use my rig) in groups of 1 to 3.

Your files via internet -> Mytek 8 x 192 DA => Acoustic Zen Ref II copper => Overstayer SFE => Acoustic Zen Ref II copper => Focusrite Blue 315 mkII (major mods) => Acoustic Zen 80/20 copper silver => Elysia Alpha stereo/MS Compression => Acoustic Zen 80/20 copper silver = > Fairman Tube Mastering EQ => Acoustic Zen Ref II copper => Pacific Microsonics Model Two AD -> Hardware L2 -> Crane Song HEDD 192 (D to D) -> To you.