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Originally Posted by Padano ➡️
Hi everyone. I’ve been following this forum forever and remember posting here back in the days.
Anyway I was following another thread about the ethereal fight between analog and digital emulation and I think I came up with a good analogy.

“You are a Chef at a restaurant and you are making a meal for your customers (the mix). You can either use more expensive fresh ingredients (analog gear) or a bunch of dehydrated powders and chemical additives (plugins).
Like modern plug-ins, some food additives can improve the results in better ways than old school methods, I’ll give you that.
But if you are telling me that the emulations sounds the same as the original hardware, it’s like saying a dish made with garlic powder has the same taste than one made with fresh garlic.
Just because you don’t hear the difference, doesn’t mean it’s not there.”

What you guys think about this? Does this at least clarify the ethereal dilemma?
I can't relate to it. I eat anything within reason, I only eat once a day, and as long as it has nothing to do with seafood, I pretty much don't give a f*** how it's made if I find it tasty. I eat, get full, sm happy. I'm also a vegetarian now....but am not very good at it.....so ingredients don't make a diff. Garlic powder and fresh garlic...I dunno.....what's in Stouffers? What's the highend opposite of Kraft Macaroni & cheese?

I probably like all of them.