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Originally Posted by deadriff ➡️
What’d you wind up with? I’ve been thinking of getting the 770 pros as an upgrade from my sony 7506 and akg k240 pro based on a youtube headphone comparison, but I keep reading that they’re actually not all that great. I have realphones though, so is it really that worth it to upgrade?
Beyerdynamic DT 770 are very popular among Realphones users and are widely used by professional audio engineers.

According to our experience, they are higher grade than K240 and MDR7506 in terms of detail, dynamics, resolution, sound staging and bandwidth. Objectively they are worth update, however, the influence of subjective aspects is difficult to predict.

If you are not stuck to a closed design, DT990 will be more open and clean than DT770.

The clearness of Beyerdynamic 770 and 990 depends much on the wear of earpads. When the ear pads wear out to a degree of flatness (usually in 3 years), the amount of high frequencies decrease. Earpads need to be replaced with new ones in this case.