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Originally Posted by Zed999 ➡️
I found lot of people have on the Slate thread*, but it's a heck of a thread to look through.

I'm a little puzzled why this thread is so quiet, I've been using the demo for a week now and in my amateur opinion it's the obvious choice if you already have good headphones you don't want to abandon, or multiple headphones.

One extra thing it's done for my headphone only mixes - by using a little "room" I'm not tempted to use quite so much room reverb. I'd been seriously underestimating that.

[*Edit: Not the slate thread, there is another Realphones thread somewhere which is well worth a read.]
What’d you wind up with? I’ve been thinking of getting the 770 pros as an upgrade from my sony 7506 and akg k240 pro based on a youtube headphone comparison, but I keep reading that they’re actually not all that great. I have realphones though, so is it really that worth it to upgrade?