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XMAS is cancelled

Made the resistor changes and swapped to orange LEDs per my previous mail.

Consider the provisional info now definitive.

Works exactly as I had hoped. Now I won't get a migraine every time I switch the thing on.

First pic is the first green LED driver circuit beforehand, second picture is after swapping the resistor. Third picture is the final effect. Lastly - the offending articles.

In the third picture you can see the 12 locations marked and the original colour marked with a brown sharpie. The 8 locations that are not already red or amber, need to be swapped out.

One correction to my previous post, the original resistors for the blue LEDs were 510ohm, not 500ohm as I had stated before.

You have to be extremely careful when doing this not to get your iron too close to the plastic jack sockets or slider shafts and melt them. The green one numbered 10 on the board is by far the hardest (just above the left most ring mod slider). I could have opted to remove the socket just there to play it safe. And for me, I have to use some magnification as my eyes are not what they were. I have hot tweezers for getting the resistors off, but you can do it with two soldering irons - one in each hand - one for each end of the resistor. Thats what I used to do and it works just as well for two terminal devices.
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