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Originally Posted by kpatz ➡️
I know. I go on Reverb sometimes and find things that you can still buy new today selling for more than the new price. I just don't get it sometimes.

For example, I just went on Reverb, pulled up OB-6 desktop (can be had brand new for $2299), Sam Ash has a mint used one for $2580.97 plus shipping.
I don't see that listing but this is a slightly different situation - Sam Ash's primary desire is to sell gear in-store or on their website, with a captive audience. They throw it on Reverb and if it sells, cool.

Chain stores like that are also beholden to national computer systems - the database says a mint OB-6 is X, that's what it gets listed for. They might not have ever carried Sequential so there's no differentiation in the system between keys and desktop.