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Old 25th April 2021
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Clones, reissues and new gear for me, far cheaper, clean and with warranty, the only vintage synth I have was bought about 2 years ago when I spotted a mint JX3P/PG200 on Ebay for £745 which seemed a steal for its condition and I couldn't resist.

My last 4 purchases of gear was from ASM, Fred's Lab(soon ready), Isla Instruments and Jomox.

Earlier purchased gear were new gear/reissues from Korg, Roland, Sequential, Yamaha, Cyclone Analogic and Behringer.

My last purchase will probably be a 909 reissue and most probably Behringer.

Also happy to use VST's for the old digital stuff at times(Arturia etc). Basically I am not drawn to having to have vintage at all when new gear is more affordable and available. I have more than enough gear now anyway and not really looking anymore.