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Old 25th April 2021
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When you want it, you may only see it. Actually, there are a huge number of comparison targets, so I think that comparing them may raise cost awareness.
On the selling side, it is necessary for sales that the user can reach the purchase quickly.
It's great that we can buy what we want right now. I think that it is easy to find old and rare items that are no longer in the market, because the current network environment may have a higher ability to collect people who want it than a store that handles new items.

The old ones now were new ones before.
Now, if it is new, it will eventually become old.

If you get used to electronic musical instruments, you will be able to understand their functions and make sounds easier, so I think you can make sounds effectively. New musical instruments can explore the unknown world, and old musical instruments can be explored based on a lot of materials.

It's not strange for some users to feel very happy to have the experience of using products that they couldn't buy in the past.