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Old 25th April 2021
Hyper-inflated used prices = More NEW gear

Shopping around for various items I see so much hardcore crack smoking now than ever before. Like an Alesis Microlimiter for $188. Instead I'm getting the new ART Dual Limiter for $179.

Korg EX-8000, $1200. I'll wait for the $799 Modwave thanks.

DBX 162SL. I sold my old one for $1000 ten years ago. Now it's going for up to $1600! I can get a heritage audio Successor for that or 2 Warm Audio Bus Compressors. Duh.

Kawai K4r, $849? There's a steal. I gave up trying to get one and bought my Hydrasynth instead for less.

I'm even seeing used ads for current products listed for more than the price of a brand new one

Y'all know I love old crusty crap but frankly it's not worth it anymore if you're not getting a bargain over some new competition. Some things are true vintage items and deserve a markup. But now every old piece of junk is priced like it's a rare Fabergé egg when only a few years ago it sold for happy meal prices. Yamaha FB01 for $300? Don't think so having paid $35 for mine 5 years ago. Just buy a Reface DX if you have $300 to spend.

Never thought I'd say this but...
Screw these jokers, just buy new. It's cheaper.