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Originally Posted by LASTLAVGH ➡️
The new rooms both sound amazing. Steven's room seems to give the binaural effect on the deepest level yet as well, at least for me.

Sonoma has a great clarity in the mids and highs, great resolution.

Linear model 2 is excellent - the original just felt a tad dull to me, this adds just a bit more high end and it makes all the difference.

Excited to dig deeper and get to know the new rooms, but so far Steven's room seems to be the best capture yet....
So glad you dig it! Yeah I'm a big fan of the Steven Mix Room myself!

Originally Posted by Jono45 ➡️
Stevens Room, WOW
Glad you like it!

Originally Posted by Melodeath ➡️
This update is insane. The Auratone is incredibly realistic, and after listening to an album I know very well, I just might switch from Archon Mid to Steven's Barefoots as my main set for mixing.

Steven, will the "speaker"/HRTF/binaural mode of HD-Linear be coming in the next update?
I started working on the HD Linear HRTF/Binaural mode but it wasn't ready for prime time. It's close so you'll see it soon.

Originally Posted by The Oracle ➡️
VSX 2.0 doesn’t feel like an update. It feels like a brand new version of the software. It’s that good!

Congrats Steven and Team Slate!
Thank you so much! You helped a ton in the beta process for this update so I share the sentiment with you!

Originally Posted by actdomake ➡️
I completely agree. Steven's room sounds unbelievably good. Quite possibly the best so far.

I may be wrong, but I've heard somewhere that HD-Linear 2 features some level of cross-talk between the ears. That's probably why it sounds more natural.
For HD Linear 2 we did a slightly better measurement process and then also applied a bit more of the correction curve. There is not HRTF, but in a future update there will be!

Glad you like my Mix Room!

Originally Posted by DJTobes ➡️
Steven's Far Field for me so far, just sublime.
Thanks! I LOOOOOVE those PMCs and then the Trinnov makes them even more clean and revealing!

Originally Posted by ONNO ➡️
would be good to know this. have been using the HD linear with can opener mainly, would be ace if I can skip the latter :-)
HD Linear2 is still just a very flat headphone with no binaural processing, but soon!

Originally Posted by elbear98 ➡️
Steven Slate done did the damn thing!! Your room sound truly amazing and I have declared it my new go to room. What a great pre-birthday present!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Happy Bday!!!

Originally Posted by SamSpacey ➡️
The 770's, have they been changed at all? Could be hearing things but they sound more like my scooped floppy flabby DT 770 Pro's now
Yes! All headphone models have been improved, and now the 770's are DEAD on!

Originally Posted by degas ➡️
Excellent news!
Are there any info on your website on how to check ones earprofile?
Check the intro screen of the plugin for some tips!

Originally Posted by Mercado_Negro ➡️
C'mon Steven get the new batch out! don't you have a spare pair at home that you could send to me? I don't care if the dog bit the cable

Working on it! To get them within the 1db spec that was required has been challenging but we did it!

Originally Posted by Nick._.Felix ➡️
Can't wait to get mine! One question for Steven, is there a way in the future to make the VSX with noise cancellation technology or would it not work at all? Just curious!
I'll look into some of the white papers but the issue is that the current noise cancelling tech seems like it would interfere with dynamics.

Originally Posted by fredouli ➡️
Wow yeh that Slate room is very immediate. Congrats and thanks !

Originally Posted by Funksta ➡️
The new ear profile works like a charm for me now. Cleaned a lot of things up. Stevens room is really nice. Love the mid and far feilds. Hd Linear two sounds better also. Early days yet but i like this version a lot more it just gels more for my taste.

Tuff choice between Archon and Stevens room now  

Well done Steven and the guys.
Archon and Steven room are very complimentary too!

Originally Posted by SamSpacey ➡️
Damn Steven, your room! This is good, really good.
Thanks Sam!!

Originally Posted by saschko ➡️
Wow. Love the update. Steve´s room is just sooo sweet

Cheers guys! So happy you are all loving it!