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Old 21st April 2021
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Finished the migration, and downloaded the Core Library again and installed that as well as new version of BFD3.

Now I can't get ANY sound out of either BFD3 standalone or as an AU plugin.
The Audio out preferences are set to my Duet2.

The correct path to the Core Library is set (No yellow triangles)

If I select a Groove I can see it is playing in the BFD3 GUI, as in each piece of the kit is lighting up when hit.
But no sound and no levels in the BFD3 mixer ??

Any suggestions please ??

UPDATE: Ok so I had to actually select a sample for each kit piece, none loaded with the Groove preset
That solved the playback issue.
It's been so long since I used BFD3, and at present I can't see me using it much in the future.