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Originally Posted by spindizzy ➡️
I followed the links for migrating from FXPansion to InMusic and now there's nothing showing up in InMusic nor in the new licence manager.

And of course the support form is broken and doesn't send requests for support and there's no other method.

Pretty typical of my experience with InMusic products in the past...

Please fix your migration process and recover my licences.

Edit: I just received another email saying:
"You’re all set!

All your BFD content has been safely moved to your new inMusic Profile. Don’t forget to update to BFD v3.4 and redeem your free Expansion Pack!"

So I go there and it's empty as is BFD Licence Manager.

Another win for InMusic... <sigh>

I wish they would do minimal testing, it's obvious from all their rollouts they don't. Not a company I'd trust with a credit card transaction.

I have had the exact same experience. These people are amateurs and should not be trusted.