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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by kcearl ➡️
You cant just drop the xpn file onto your live. You must either import it into the software, attach your Live to your PC and put it in controller mode then choose “export expansion” in the software and direct it to your Lives hardrive in the dropdown menu.


Just open the xpn file youve downloaded from my dropbox using winrar or 7zip etc and drop the whole extracted file into a usb or sd or you lives hd...browse it from the lives browser. No need to change extensions, I have all of these on my mpc and force
Yeah i was dumbdumb i just read a few more times and realized they were actually extract-able (is that a word?) the files not having the rar or zip extension and my laptop not recognizing them as archived files got me off guard, soon as i clicked open with winrar... i understood...and i deleted my dumb reply ;-)
and i actually checked a few, gawddayumn! you are a legend for doing what you did, imma download them all tomorrow, much much much thanks! And i rather use the live 2 in standalone-mode since in controller mode i come across so much glitches and all kinda annoying little issues, which is why i was trying to replace using and relying on vst's in controller mode, with some keygroups, that i can acces in standalone mode.... but i can acces them now, so again much much appreciated!