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Originally Posted by ghostman ➡️
thank you, that is very reasonable . im definitely going to try this service.

Could you please just advise what is the max resolution of files that we can use in this service. (including offline render )

thanks again
Yeah, sorry I missed that. Operating as a plugin, we get handed the input format from the DAW - usually 32 bit float. That will get converted to 24 bit integer (flac), 16 bit integer (flac), or a compressed encoding of 32 bit float (opus) when it gets streamed across the web - based on the user's choice of format in the plugin. It may or may not be sample rate converted as well, depending on the format you choose, and your DAW sample rate. See our support page -> format tab for greater clarity. It all gets converted back to 32 bit float at the output of the plugin.

The Lynx hardware converters are running at 96k and require 24 bit sample format. So, everything must be 24 bit integer when it goes to analog.

For offline processing, it is slightly different, also detailed on our support/format page. Offline processing is always using 24 bit flac transmit format, regardless of the setting you choose for real time streaming. The wav output formats for offline are all 24 bit, and you choose the sample rate in the plugin offline box. We haven't considered 32 bit float there, but might not be useful since the samples have already been in 24 bit format by that point in the processing.