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Originally Posted by ghostman ➡️
Im interested in this service, but I cant find an example on your website of a typical credit rate for A piece of gear .

Please could you give an example rate for say....half an hour with an LA2A?

......and also, where can i find more info on the format of the offline rendering? (eg. format. max bit rate). Can i , for example, use the plug in in real-time to decide my settings but then render in 32 bit float offline ?

thanks for any info.
Hey, thanks for the interest! The rate is approximately $10/hour or $6 for 30 min for an average analog unit ($3000 value). The rate varies up/down for gear that is higher/lower in value accordingly.

An LA2A is $7.66 for 30 minutes.

You can make reservations and pay with credit card, as you would expect. You can also purchase credits in blocks. Using credits, you have access to our entire library of gear directly in the plugin without needing a reservation. So, it really is as simple as using a software plugin - just open and drag in what you need. This on demand use cost is equivalent to the hourly reservation rate, so there is really no net cost difference between reservations and credits. A credit is worth ~$1, and lasts about 5 minutes (again, depending on the unit value), so you can get more granular use out of credits as well (minimum reservation is 30 minutes).