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Old 9th April 2021
Solid State Logic
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Lots to do in one go, if I miss anything ask again.

UV has the High- and Low- shelf filters from the Fusion, but with 2 parametric mid bands +/-9 dB. Focus takes the very top range of the very narrowest Q settings and goes to +/- 18 dB. Not quite the same as a digital notch, but massively useful for cutting out problem frequencies. When boosted it almost sounds like it's getting towards self-oscillation and can be used creatively.

SiX Channel is the same as one of the mono channels of a SiX except that we've tweaked the compressor. I personally like the hard knee SSL grab on the SiX one-knob comp but as some have pointed out the time constants can suffer a bit with LF content. New version has a much softer knee and tweaked time contants. Otherwise the same.

Will address other questions later - have a Zoom to be on