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Originally Posted by Temps ➡️
I'm very curious about this as well. My RME Fireface UC is starting to feel pretty dated and has fallen quite far behind in terms of performance - this MOTU is the first interface that has me thinking about moving on... it's a significant upgrade for a very reasonable price, assuming MOTU has correctly implemented everything and it performs as well as the M2/M4/624 etc.

But RME is the gold standard for drivers and support. If I were to change brands I'd want at least equal drivers, a MIDI controllable mixer, and digital loopback

edit: on Windows here, so Mac experiences are probably not helpful
MOTU is historically pretty well known for long term driver support just like RME, Lynx and Halo Metric by supporting its products long past 10+ years. I remembered the original MOTU 828 firewire interface which was the worlds first firewire interface ever developed was supported on MacOS for 17 consecutive years and Windows for 15 consecutive years. I think of MOTU as like another Digidesign which was once Digidesign's only direct competitor at the time in the 90s. They have been building hardware and software longer than most of these pro audio companies that existed.