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Old 7th April 2021
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I own the M2 since some months, and I run it on an old macbook pro with Mojave. On this setup, the drivers are incredibly stable and efficient : it has lower latency and the CPU use is slightly better than my Focusrite Clarett 2pre (thunderbolt version). And (to me) it sounds even a bit better than the Clarett (a bit more punchy in the lows, a bit more clear, a bit better stereo imaging).
I was very surprised when I compared both audio interfaces and didn't expect that at all (the Clarett is 2X the price of the M2).

So I'm very interested in the new MOTU range : it seems the M2/M4, 828es and this new Ultralite share the same drivers and DAC. I read on GS someone comparing the M4 and the 828es, and saying the 828es is (of course) much better sounding, so I guess the Ultralite must be in the middle.
At least on paper (dynamic range, THD, EIN), it's impressive.
Actually, even if it's performing the same as the M2 (and on paper it looks better), with the added features it's a great deal.
I was on Focusrite on all my previous interfaces, but I think I will switch ASAP to MOTU... It looks truly great...

EDIT : Motu has specific drivers for Mac, and the latency is vastly improved (and maybe the stability and efficiency), so I don't know exactly if a windows user would have the same experience as me...