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Wow, this actually has just the right extras for me, in a small interface. MIDI I/O, loopback channels, some digital input options, DC coupled outputs, direct monitoring, good metering for the size, good specs. There's always been something missing, or too much that I don't need, some gotcha, with each new interface. I don't see one here yet!

So, how are the drivers for Windows? I see 2 options - WAVE and ASIO drivers - mentioned on the website. I see an RTL listed for 96k, buffer 32, measured on some system (maybe mac, who knows), which is just fine. I'm wondering more about people's experiences with stability and artifacts, under load, in real-world Windows use with other MOTU interfaces that use the same drivers. I expect probably it takes a while to get Windows drivers right, but their Windows stuff should be pretty mature by now, no? Are the M2/M4 using the same drivers? Any experiences with those, or any other current MOTU interface and Windows, that anyone can relate?

In the past, I steered clear since I wasn't using Apple computers. I hope that's changed, and it seems to have. I know a couple of local Mac users who are still happy with their older MOTUs, which is a great endorsement of product support, longevity and value, but doesn't tell me anything about Windows optimization.