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Lives for gear
My current collection of audio paint brushes.

Advanced audio-CM47ve, Pair CM67se, CM12se, CM28
Groove tubes: MD1A, MD3, MD5, Pair MD6 (looking for 2A’s)
Soundeluxe U99S
Lawson 47 -mark 1
Velo-8T (Tube ribbon)

Pair Coles 4028
Pair RM5
TNC AMC-2 (50$ junker)

Neumann: U87Ai (board 02), 170R purple, KMS105
Sony: Pair C55P, C350, C48(leaking cap), C38
AA-CM87se, 4xCM47FET
Shure: SM81(i-fet)
Elation KM202 (SDC kick mic)
Line Audio pair CM3

Moving coil
Norelco: Rocket, Cant remember the number, M201 w/ sintered head
Electrovoice: Pair EV666, Pair ND38, RE-20, ND868
Yamaha: MZ204, MZ205, 4xMZ105
Nakamichi DM1000, 2x DM500
Sennheiser: e602(metal), 4X409-U3, 4Xe906, MD431, Pair ND211
Shure: B52, 4XSM57UIII, SM7B
Sony FV-300 (looks like C48)
Audio Technica ATM25

Custom Sub made into sub mic. Looks like toy drum.
All purchased used except the ribbons.