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Originally Posted by vernier ➡️
One or two tube mics aren't gonna do much imo. [. . .]
Thanks, @ vernier .

I was initially thinking of tube mics - before opening the thread - as particularly valuable in two or three situations:
  1. Money mics for lead or duet vocals and instrumental solos. . .where one or two might just do it?
  2. A Decca Tree-ish scenario. . .ok, so now we are at three or more. But for Decca, maybe limited to the M50?
  3. Used as drum overheads in certain circumstances. . .but I don't have sufficient experience?

My thinking is yet limited, I know.

Originally Posted by vernier ➡️
[. . .] But ! ! if you record using a 100% vintage tube chain ..the results are on all records recorded before transistors became the craze.
Hmm, I'm trying to turn this into a number? Surely, it won't be a large prime appropriate in modern asymmetric public/private key cryptography.

I was mostly playing dive bars along the beach - or already recording to a Tascam Series 70 8 track during the mid '70s. . .which is as far back as I go, professionally.

I'm guessing a vintage tube real to reel tape machine maxed out pretty low. Did they make it to 24 channels before the Studer A800 in 1978? I just don't know the history.

So, somewhere between 8 and 16 max concurrent tube mics?

Ray H