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This is excellent.

Immediately I noticed I didnt get that "surround" feel as NX with head tracking BUT, Sienna does feel or sound more like sitting in the back of a "real" room designed for mixing/recording room. Sliding a boosted eq band across the spectrum across a mix is very revealing and I already find myself making completely different mix choices on material Im familiar with which is to be expected. And I mean completely different.

I was also able to clearly sus out any annoying "whistling" frequencies particularly @ 2.5k which I wasn't hearing previously, but once I notched it out, its hard to un-hear when bypassed.

Id have to take my previous attempt and this one and listen to the impact of each in a neutral place like my car.

This is using the preset settings of the 2nd "HOG" room. NX sounds tinny and hyped in comparison. Hmm pretty cool as a first impression with no prior expectations.

Curious to hear what those with really good rooms here on GS have to say.