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Originally Posted by Caet ➡️
What is the Magic Q on the headphone correction?

Is this an EQ after the correction? Why would I want that?
Our headphone correction follows a custom target curve.
The knob, in one direction, goes toward linear correction across the range of all frequencies (it goes toward the flat curve), and to the right it goes roughly toward a Harman curve (a curve that is usually used as a reference curve for headphone linearization. That kind of knob allows you to choose your own working preference.
The thing we do, we try to present a very similar experience even when changing headphones, i.e. by changing headphones the sound should remain similar. This is something that on paper everyone should do, but in practice, we have found that it is a generally weak point in correction software.
I think the problem lies in the correction that Sienna uses for room emulation. It's such a complex process that even a small problem results in a completely different result.
If you have a few different headphones, try a test yourself!