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Originally Posted by zaphod ➡️
Among other things, we also emulate harmonic distortion.
Among the problems we try to solve, we try to have
- the highest possible quality for the MID component of the signal
- we try to have the best possible transient response
- we try to take into account the physical limits of the headphones and what they can deliver
- try to avoid heavy stresses under certain frequencies in the bass, and to have a sufficiently short and clean correction response
- have the maximum possible configurability of the sound of the rooms, where you can also dose them
- have the highest possible configurability for classic binaural parameters such as ILDA and ITDA
- have the best possible linear correction for the rooms, but also offer a response similar to the original and choose the amount, with a low interpolation error
- we also emulate the harmonic distortion of speakers!
- We have worked extensively on the stereo field and the feeling of space.
- we tried to minimize the problems of having different hearing profiles (different ear canal widths) and to have a control that could work for everyone

And yes, we tried to have rooms that were alive, but reverberated just right, like the originals. In any case, you can control the part of the room relative to the speaker with the focus parameter

There will be a fantastic room package that we will be releasing next week.
Then there will be a listening package for lots of speakers, stereos, HiFi, cars; for the higher quality we have made extensive use of anechoic chambers.
The two additional packages will be available in a few days, at an extremely low price.
alright.. i don't understand half of that.. but

lol man.. i've been mixing a song again.. man i hear all my mistakes.. this thing is so wonderful..

look.. on the real..

i know you guys get a lot of ****.. but i've been with you guys for years.. needless to say there's times i was less than happy with some choices..or policies.... but i say F that after this...

we don't remember the failures, we remember the emotion.. i remember the first emotion of a smile when i first tried nebula 3 years ago.. and i finally really felt like i've found that sound ive been looking for ... people always ask why does analog sound better? everyone has their own answer.. but man, to me.. it's the emotion it makes you feel.. analog has a timbre that feels touched.. made alive by the universe.. not by algorithms.. but just by the nature of .. not physics.. but it ALL i guess for lack of a better word..

well.. you guys were my first taste of this.. and today.. you made me feel that same way again.. honestly, sincerely.. from one flawed dude to another.. people like you make me smile