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Originally Posted by dasdeck ➡️
how does dsoniq do it then?
is your correction dynamic?
would't it still work to a lesser degree then?
They have a very different approach than we do.
Our algorithm insists on certain frequencies where the headphones are very sensitive, and we have to manage the correction so that they are particularly efficient in certain areas.
I've already written a post, but there's also going to be a little book next week, where we go into detail about the problem.
Room emulation for example needs a particular content in the low frequencies to emulate a subwoofer. Some headphones can't handle that amount, others can. So it is not only a problem of the curve but also of what the headphone can deliver without having an excessive harmonic distortion and so on.
Our suggestion is to use our profile, we are supporting 150 headphones and many more are on the way.

From the feedback we have always received from alpha testers and beta testers, our correction is particularly liked even when it is not used to emulate a room.
Hence the idea of having a reference plugin for pure headphone correction.
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