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Originally, I could not get the first one I purchased to work. I contacted support letting them know everything I had tried and it took them literally 1 month to get back to me with some stupid thing to try(which I had already written that I had tried). I worte back asking if they found it normal to take 1 month to respond back and they they were usless as I returned the unit for an exchange back 3 weeks ago and that solved my problem. They didnt even have the curtesy to say they were sorry that it took a month to respond, and on top of that, just closed my ticket and I got an email saying it was closed. After that, they released the 4 controllers with the idea that you needed the controllers absolutely to use the plugins. Even after contacting support, there was no sign of the plugins being offered Native. Then a couple months down the line,they release them native and you are no longer forced to use the controllers(they do iLok...which is what I wanted from the begining). When I asked if I could get an iLok asset(and I purchased all 4 controllers availible at the time and have invoices), I was told I could not get iLok assetes. I even offered to pay a 25$ fee(the iLok fee for a license transfer) per controller (so I would give them an additional 100$ which i should not even have to), and I was told too bad! This is unacceptable behavior from any company acreoss !! Stay away!!