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Old 8th March 2021
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After playing with this for a few days (with 770 pros) I can see why it would be worth my while investing in some better headphones because I can now hear their failings. I have pretty bad tinnitus and this software kind of separates the music from it into a different space. Does that make sense? Happy days!

The 770's have improved 100% with the curve, but the great thing for me is all the different listening emulations. It almost seems like cheating the way different setups focus on different aspects of the mix, I finally completely get why people have huge stacks of different speakers in their control rooms.

I was looking at this + new phones or the Slate thing but I think this is the winner, a good excuse to up my headphones a few notches, same kind of money all told.

Now to decide where to go with the headphones. I won't ask, there's piles of info on the original Realphones thread.