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Old 8th March 2021
Thanks for making this thread! (Beat me to it ) And thanks to everyone who has shown support and interest in this plugin.

Originally Posted by robshrock ➡️
Both thrilled that v2 is released, and crushed to find no AAX. Argh!

I’m not sure I can fathom using Patchwork for as many instances as I would like to run in a typical session. Seriously giving me pause at the moment.

Congrats, though... looking forward to more releases from you in the future!
This is totally understandable. I do hope to release an AAX version eventually, but unfortunately can't say any more than that.

Originally Posted by Beatworld ➡️
Bought, just taking it for a test drive
Looks so good.

Great work Jon and thanks to bManic for first alerting us to JonV audio.

NOTE: First time Logic users - you do have to go through few hoops to get it to pass AU validation the first time.
The work around is discussed in the Fircomp1 thread.
There is now a OSX command file included that should remove the quarantine attribute from the mac versions (run before copying) - unless this file itself gets quarantined. If anyone is having any trouble, email me as before It simply runs the xattr program.