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Originally Posted by RHstudi00 ➡️
Hello Zaphod, Acustica CM,

There was an iranian guy over at the Acustica Audio Addicts Facebook page who came selling some plugins. It turned out that he was a scam, and I and others users got scammed. I sent the money then he disappeared.

But I had him send pictures of his aquarius, and he indeed own the plugins he was selling. Moreover we can see his email account that is [email protected]

I contacted the support about this, and they told me that I should have shopped on their website, and that's too bad for me.

So I'm asking directly to you, can you do something about it? Several of your users have been scammed by another user, who has an account and own your plugins. Surely you have full power over the situation. Also, I remember Zaphod saying that he wanted a safe marketplace for his users, solving this case could be a first step.

Thanks ever so much
He is back and tries again, now on the official acustica facebook!