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Thanks Ward

I'm a little spoiled where I work (Mission Sound in Brooklyn)

Kick In - D112
Kick Out - Vintage Fet47
Snr Top - 57
Snr Btm - (I think)AT4022
Toms - Josephson E22's
OH's - Tonelux JC37's
"attack" mic - Royer r101
HH - KM84
Mid room mic - AEA R88
Far Rooms(against wall) Vintage 87's in cardioid
TB room mic - 414B-ULS in omni

All of these mics went into our lovely Neve 80 series console. Dash of EQ here and there...

As for compression, I'm hoping I remember this right. On the Royer R101, a touch of Distressor. On the R88's it was the Fatso, hit fairly hard. The 87's I believe had our Valley 610 compressor. We needed an aggressive room sound for a particular track.....ah yes, and the TB mic had a healthy dose of DBX160VU!

....I had a similar setup with the 87's on a session a few weeks earlier, in which we ended up running them thru the Lex480...massive sounding.