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Originally Posted by tomtama ➡️
I'm working on a song for a fellow UA forum member. The drums are Pearl Masters maple, Sabian HHX cymbal assortment. Recorded with 3 UA Apollo x8/x8p interfaces. Miced as follows.

Kick In - Shure Beta 52a, UA API Vision Unison pre
Kick Out - Townsend L22/U47 emulation, UA API Vision Unison pre
Snares - Shure SM57, UA API Vision Unison pre
Toms - Shure Beta 98amp, UA Neve 88RS Unison pre
Hi Hat - AKG 451, UA Neve 88RS Unison pre
Overheads - Shure KSM32, UA Neve Unison pre
Front of kit (not pictured) - Cascade X15 stereo ribbon, UA Neve Unison pre
I've been using a pair of ribbons for room mics lately and would like to get a chance to try an X15. Can you tell me what it's doing for you and what you like about it?