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Originally Posted by artech909 ➡️
It's all about quality control in the end. AI services don't listen your music first and foremost, their pre-trained big data algo can technically analyse FFT curve and apply one of the pre-scripted settings that's it.
I think you are underestimating what software can do today.

Allow me to take you on a short excursion.

We worked on a third party project over the last 2 years, at some point the contractor required a reliable genre detection (i.e. is it country, techno or drum'n bass? Or more like dubstep?). We tried several approaches, and ended up training a neural network, with stunning success. This thing looks at your files, and within shortest time, returns and estimate so good even average humans would struggle to keep up with, especially when it comes to niche genres. Truly impressive.

The FFT curve is just one tool of many. Audio software devs are used to read scientific papers and translate them into real products, they typically follow the latest developments far deeper than most traditional audio engineers would do.

I'm not trying to scare anybody, but it's not that difficult to get a computer to think like an organism does: One simply uses the same structures (genetic algorithms, Bayesian probability, neural nets are all really well established, and capable). Probing for "good sound", "translation across systems", or just "artistic adequacy" is not that distant.

With such tool, I wouldn't be surprised to see well organized ME's delivering hundreds of masters per day and excellent quality, at far lower costs.

They key point is to start learning to use these tool, to your own benefit. This is not a John Connor event, it's just tools evolving. Mastering will change, as it constantly did (live broadcast then tape then CD then mp3 then streaming). Nobody is questioning a compressor or limiter today, despite both being somewhat dumb robots. No competitive professional can spare or question these today. I think this is a similar situation.

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