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Old 23rd February 2021
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Originally Posted by Prototech ➡️

What do you think is future of online mastering, especially now after Covid when music scene / live acts died?

will be replaced by AI, plug-ins, homemade lowcost guys?

- I see many of you are saying business is going down every year, less work.

- More and more people are doing mastering DIY at home with computers plugins they think it sounds as good as hardware

- More kids offering homemade mastering for few bucks with plug-ins

- AI mastering services doing it cheap but not so good.

- Kids are using mobilephones to listen to music doesnt care about sound quality

So will there be renaissance and people will prefer quality analog professional mastering or this industry will be dying (and only top places will remain mastering best seling artist with huge bufgets in most expensive cities of the world) ??

If you see it dark, what are your future plans? do you plan to go to other audio sub industry or quit music business at all?
Today, more people make more music than ever before. The market shifted from B2B (think "industry") to B2C (think videogames, apps, hobby and fun). The audience multiplied 100 fold if not more. Seems like everybody from junior to grandpa is now making and at some point releasing music. I'd guess this easily compensates your points.