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Well first of all, Covid caused an increase in my mastering business. More people are writing and recording because they can't play live shows.

The trend for me has been an increase in mastering work over the last several years, so I feel absolutely no competition from AI mastering or kids on laptops.

Those cheap/fast options are competing with each other for the ultra low budget market, and those people were never going to hire me in the first place. Nothing against them - I know what it's like to be broke - but they simply have little impact on my business one way or the other. It's the same reason why mid-level guys like me have little impact on places like Sterling Sound; Most of my clients can't afford Sterling Sound so we're not even swimming in the same pool.

It was never about the kids listening on earbuds who don't know/care about sound quality. It's always been about the artists themselves who hire us to make their music sound good... good to THEM.

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