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Originally Posted by huzzam ➡️
Hi everyone,

a musician (wind multi-instrumentalist) needs a two channel pre (for 1 mic & 1 1/4" inst) to feed into guitar effects. The effects chain is centered on the Line6 HX Effects, which has switchable line level / hi-z inputs.

The FMR RNP looks like it fits the bill perfectly, but I wonder if it can stand up to touring (if we ever start touring again). Any thoughts, or other suggestions? It's strange how few small, simple, solid state pres I'm finding for road use...

~peter in athens
I used one of these for years with no issues. I would say they are at least as road worthy as most other electronic gear. Plus, the customer service was excellent, the one time I needed it. New PSU I think (wall wart).
Also, it is a very good sounding preamp, and a great small form factor.
IMHO. Good luck.