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Even with my center channel at 0 (which is not what the Netflix or ITU presets set it to, they set it to -3), it doesn't match. I currently have the Avid Downmixer's preset set to ITU, and the Halo Downmix's preset set to ITU, and it's the same disparity. I have to set the center channel to +3 to get the same reading the Avid Downmixer gives me at -3.

Which one is wrong?

I'm not quite grasping how the coefficient settings are working either. Changing the Downmix Coefficient center channel value from its default of -3dB up to 0dB doesn't change this level discrepancy at all. Additionally, that setting is recalled by presets, so the there should be nothing wrong with either ITU preset, yet this discrepancy is here.

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