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Originally Posted by Remoteness ➡️
I had a couple of pairs of those Hafler TRM6; nice speakers. And, the Genelec 1031As, but the Neumann KH120As are the ticket for me. The size, the sound, the clarity and definition is what I like about them most. Two of them are about the same size as one Genelec 1031A. It's crazy how much punch you can get out of those speakers.
Damn, it! Now you have me thinking about selling my 1031As and getting a pair of the KH120s. I could probably pay for the 120s with what I get for the 1031As.

But I've got a couple of projects coming up over the next month that I don't want to be without them for. And I would rather have both.

Side small of a Pelican case do you think you could fit the 120s in? Would they fit in a 1510?