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I had a couple of pairs of those Hafler TRM6; nice speakers. And, the Genelec 1031As, but the Neumann KH120As are the ticket for me. The size, the sound, the clarity and definition is what I like about them most. Two of them are about the same size as one Genelec 1031A. It's crazy how much punch you can get out of those speakers.

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I travel my fairly large and heavy Hafler TRM6 monitors, same as my mixing monitors. Oldies but goodies and I know exactly how they translate. I have a pair in the studio and a pair in a big Anvil case that goes in the trailer for big jobs. Mostly, headsets when I track and then back to mix in the studio. I'd love to try the Neumanns (either the 80s or the 120s), but I've gotta say, I am pretty happy with the Haflers.