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Originally Posted by RedTuxedo ➡️
Working on getting a Mojave system working with a controller (K-Mix) and found this link to Controllermate.

Ah cool! Controllermate is great but, seeing it stil hasn't been updated, I personally now don't think it's worth spending 20 euros (or whatever the price is on the website using that link). Back when I first posted I had hopes of a future update, but I have since gathered this won't be happening, so for anyone running anything above Mojave, it won't work...
IF it will be updated I'll definitely get it, but it seems like it won't be, and I am planning to upgrade to Catalina at some point soon. For anyone who wants to make macro stuff output midi, or who wants to use an old ipad, iphone, Wii controller, etc... just get TOUCH OSC or something like that!


I have since moved on to making my own midi controllers with Opendeck (by Shantea Controls, @ paradajz ), literally the greatest product related to midi controls I have ever seen .... so easy... I really don't get how it isn't more well known. It offers so much for so little, you can make anything!! I am actually in the process of making a midi controller blind plate for a space I left within my console. I will be using it mainly to control automation and short keys etc, will be using the touchscreens they support and buttons, & a joystick! NO CODING INVOLVED BTW, all done in a web editor! (I attached some pics of the controller I made for my brother below around Xmass, it's all hand made, no laser cut front plate, so it's a bit DIY Looking and un-symmetrical... haha)

I also pre-ordered the MP midi controller (which will also sit in the same gap/blind panel in my console) which will host plugins within its own shell and auto map paramaters (it has touch and rotaries), that way you don't have to worry about mapping it in the actual DAW itself, and will work the same for any day and insert.

For now with Opendeck, or anything else for that matter, I'm going to use Reaper, seeing I finally realised that the industry leading DAW which I have been using for years isn't all that great, and is very restrictive... Sure, I do love the clear simple UI of Pro Tools, and nothing beats it for recording and editing features, but man, why not just allow people to simply map midi paramaters like in Logic x or Reaper... It's so stupid. I guess they'd rather sell their own overpriced controllers haha, that might offer some more flexibility...
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