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Originally Posted by Cyril Markwardt ➡️
I would avoid any slow slew rate pre's with the same design- i forget what the design is called- probably to do with the opamps or feedback design of the circuit. a lot of 70's 80's designs are similar in semi pro desks.
However, seeing as Yamaha advertised the desk as having a British sound, it would seem odd to want to use one and not use them lol. They're not wrong. I found that the design did not stack very well when tracking and I had to resort to post-recording tricks to try and restore transients.
That said, recording with a fast slew rate pre can also be the cause of other troubles with peaks and so is often paired with a fast limiter which can add to the cost (and the characteristics of the limiter will then determine the actual transient) If you record the drum at a sensible level at 24 bit you can always tame the peaks afterwards if required which is easier than adding stuff that isn't there. Without a limiter, If you are old enough to remember always recording at 16 bit then then the same rules of headroom will apply. Ironic! Also, the Yamaha doesn't like loud signal peaks. You need to run the inputs lower than you'd think. It will still sound ok if it's comfortably above the noise floor but quite low at 24 bit
If you have the cash and need more than 2 channels- the API 3124+ would be a great choice (or API clones) If you don't, and only need 2 then maybe an FMR RNP or two could work nicely. I hear good things about the Dave Hill Europa 1, Presonus ADL 600(variable slew rate).
The most important thing is to have the flexibility to choose the right tool for the job at source. Maybe only 1 channel is what you need.
I'm not too up to date on the latest mic pre's so maybe starting a topic on fast slew pre's on GS is what you'd benefit from getting some fresh feedback on. hope this helps
I've sent a yamaha N12 to my old friend, a drummer living in other country. We're trying to build a recording setup for online collaboration. He's on budget. Here in my small studio I actually already have some nice pre's, but my room is small and I never record drums, no experience. I actually had Europa 1 and sold it. A very nice preamp, amazing flexibility, but I had too many preamps. Anyway, FMR looks promising for my friend's budget, thanks for the tip.