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Originally Posted by Cyril Markwardt ➡️
I have owned the n12 for several years and have some questions which i have never seen specifically resolved in the many pages both here and elsewhere. This is probably because only Yamaha or Steinberg would know, and maybe they don't like to divulge some of the secret sauce, even if the product is 10 years old.
1. Are the EQ's modelled on any particular desk?- i see lots of "vintage 70's " type answers but nothing specific. Is it in fact, the Type II Eq algo or maybe the VCM Pultec clone on the 01v96?

2. REV-X reverb. Can the later MR816 plugin be tweaked to recognise the N12, possibly offering some more parameters for the Reverb?

3. Sweet Spot Preset/guts detailed info. I have seen another few questions about this but the answers are as vague as Yamaha's 1 page info from their old download section. Not even sure if it is still available. Basically all the presets give you some idea of their function but some, esp the later ones on the list give you no idea about how they change when using the morph control, or even what kind of compressor they might be. Soft or Hard, VCM or stock 01v etc channel compressor. Anyone with both units care to comment?

4. Can the bass management be disabled in some driver or diagnostic routine? I sure would like to have 6 FR outs from the n12. I know the mr816 has these but still..

5. In Cubase 5, when you press the Hardware Mix button (and others) on the DAW Remote Control section, cubase registers this with a MIDI spike on the Transport indicating a message. If you try to record or monitor this it doesn't show up, in fact the record track disappears as if there was no message. I know that this is likely ignored by cubase's record section as it is metadata for the N12 Remote, but as the Hardware Mix button is asking for a particular config change re channels in cubase I thought it might be interesting to intercept this message and change its function to alter the exact channels or other config to suit different setups or situations. As it is Hardware Mix function is nice but limits you to that global preset function. Are there scripts running in Cubase 5 that i can break into in order to look under the hood?
I'm a patient man, but even i despair at the chances of this thing ever getting hacked for other DAWs etc. C'mon man!