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Originally Posted by Folkie ➡️
You definitely DON’T want to do this.
If you sum the 3 capsules of a 700S you will end up with the equivalent of a mic pointed to the left.

I like David Josephson’s suggestion of a single central 700S plus a
pair of C617’s (a variation of Boojum-Norman). My go to main setup for classical recording is a Soundfield DSF-1 with a C617 1ft on either side to add some spaciousness. And besides the C617 is a terrific mic.
THANK YOU! your experience and helpful suggestion gives me hope for being back in the recording world again. I will consider one 700S with pair of C617s. I didn't know what the correct spacing should be after talking with David Josephson, but you have answered it. (30 cm apart with C700 centered)