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Originally Posted by surflounge ➡️
thank you very much. Yes, idea is to sum each mic outputs to mono (3 to 1), then space the mic stands as if recording with 2 omnis, with the benefit of the C700S surround pickup. Much appreciate your thought about spacing distance. Perhaps 30 cm would be safer than 7 ft
Then it becomes a question of how you like working with spaced omnis. I like using a baffle, some people don't. Some people like widely spaced microphones in spite of the mono compatibility issues. Some people prefer narrow spacing in spite of the limited amplitude imaging.

If you generally want an interesting guide on working with spaced omni arrays, the book "Classical Recording in the Decca Tradition" lists a lot of well-tested techniques even if it is very very short on theory.

As always, don't try to set up stereo mikes without a pair of speakers to audition on, unless you really know the microphones and room very well. Listen on monitors to judge imaging and distance.

"3 to 1" summing isn't going to give you an omni pattern, it will give you something a little weird. Use just the omni output if you want an omni.