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The "Lil Albini" AKA "The Conjoined Triangles of Success"

After a few days of experimenting mostly with OH and RM configurations in my new, small (15'x15') room, I finally landed on this setup, which is pretty comparable to some Albini setups I've seen. Remind me not to try to reinvent the wheel next time

Front of kit: SF-12 > Pacifica > Zener Limiter
"Overheads": 4038s > REDD47s > RS124s
Snare top: MA-100 > Germanium > LC53A
Kick in / out: D112 / United 47FET > BAE 1073Ds > SB4001
Rooms (X/Y in far corner): Lulu Tubes > Fearn VT1s > Retro 176s
Rooms (omni on floor in side corners): ELAM 260s > BAE 1073s > BAE 10DCFs
Floor tom: M88 > TG2 > Electra
Wurst-ish: Sputnik > TG2 > Electra

Pretty natural representation of the kit overall, with the SF-12 anchoring it and the 4038s providing width and cymbal sustain. The corner X/Y room mics add huge low end to the kick and some depth to the snare.

Later got rid of the Sputnik (which added some definition to kick and snare, but not enough) and added kick beater and snare side mics instead. I'll probably try a mono overhead as well, but not optimistic that it will jive with the OH / FOK arrangement phase-wise.

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