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Originally Posted by surflounge ➡️
Fun but expensive remote session recording plan: two Josephson C700S microphones, with each mic’s channels summed to mono into Sound Device Scorpio at 24/192. Spaced mics apart left and right, placed in room with musicians, hit record, leave room, come back later. Deliver stereo mix from the two mono mics on USB stick, sanitize microphones and recorder, pack gear. Escape to record live performances another time. Doesn’t cost anything after initial gear purchase. Could use iso tracks to mix 8.1 surround in post for extra work in addition to the stereo mix, from all mic channels saved on Scorpio.
Question: without considering the $ cost of buying two Josephson C700S microphones and Scorpio, would there be phase anomalies or such from summing each mic's channels to mono, then recording spaced pair as stereo? Maybe this is a question for David Josephson, about using his multi diaphragm mic without separating the channels.
It should be just like any other mike pair... the farther you separate them, the more phase anomalies you will have when you sum them.

If they are right next to one another like an ORTF pair, summing is pretty good. If they are thirty feet apart like for a Mercury triad, it will be just awful (which is why Mercury issued stereo and mono versions of their classical records).

By "summing everything to mono" I assume you mean you're setting them up as omnis?