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Originally Posted by studjo ➡️
Hey I never take photos of my setups but I saw so many great pics of drums on this thread I thought I have to take at least one pic. So here it is in it's full glory.
Pretty standard setup except that I used 2 different OH approaches ...

Kick in - Beta 52
Kick out - Heisermann U47Fet
SN Top - Beyer 201
SN Bot - Shure Beta 87
OH 1 - Sonotronics (dunno the number)
OH 2 (front of kit - William Wittman inspired) - Custom made Tube Condensers
Floor - AKG 112
Racks - Sennheiser 421
Room - AT 4050
Wurst - AEA R84
Ride - Sennheiser MKH 80
Hat - KM 184
I'm quite interested in the OH2 and if you can tell us about how they turned out.
Originally Posted by Ward Pike ➡️
All choices are your own and certainly up to you... if I could make one suggestion here it would be to switch the 201 and the KM184.
I do really like the M201 on hats myself.